Vocational education

The return of vocational education - commentary by Wojciech Brażuk

Simultaneously with the end of the first edition of SEP exams, a new foundation from Szczecin – KNOWLEDGE CREATOR, officially started its activity. It was founded by several well-known companies from Szczecin. The aim of its activity is broadly understood raising the level of vocational education in Szczecin and the region, supporting craftsmanship and entrepreneurship development.

The collapse of vocational education in Szczecin and the country has been noticeable for a long time. But at the same time, the labor market itself in Poland clearly indicated that we lack real professionals. Experts expressed similar opinions. The vocational training of young people has been abandoned. This is clearly visible when we suddenly try to use the help of e.g. a locksmith, electrician. Craftsmanship clearly deteriorated. Certain professions have disappeared from the market and this gap cannot be filled. We must restore vocational education, professionals must return to the labor market. We do not want to replace the ministry of education in this. We only want to help in this process – says Wojciech Brażuk from Kariera na Plus, one of the founders of the Foundation.