SEP – a step to a career

Interview with Robert Woźniak, president of the Szczecin-based Elektro-BUD company, about SEP exams, and the benefits they bring to employees.

How does such an exam affect the position of an employee in the workplace? Does it, for example, increase his salary or is he assigned to more responsible tasks?

Thanks to vocational training, employees gain new qualifications and confirm the previously acquired skills and experience. Undoubtedly, the certificate of passing such an exam increases the value of the employee, affects the competitiveness on the labor market, strengthens his position in the company in relation to people who do not have such qualifications. For the company – staff with appropriate qualifications is a confirmation of competences and a guarantee of the company’s professionalism.

How do employers react – do they appreciate the fact that an employee raises his qualifications confirmed by an official exam? Is it in their best interest, to put it bluntly?

Obviously, raising qualifications is in the interest of both employees and employers. Personal development of employees, acquiring new knowledge, qualifications and authorizations is a path of personal development and opens the possibility of further development and professional promotion. It increases the competitiveness of the employee on the labor market. For the employer, such activity and the willingness to acquire new rights by the employee is a signal that the employee wants to develop, feels good in the company and has a future with it. Such an attitude of the employee gives the employer a clear signal that it is worth investing in his development, and this is a favorable situation for both parties, especially at the present time, when stability on the labor market is lower.

How do you assess – are the employees themselves or will be interested in improving their qualifications and taking such exams?

It is different with interest. However, every employee focusing on personal development, having an idea for a career path, willingly takes advantage of training and takes exams confirming competences. If he is determined to work in the electrical industry, takes it seriously and wants to be a professional in the profession, he is interested in improving his qualifications. Usually, by gaining one entitlement, he immediately sets new goals for himself. And as you know, trained staff gives the company much more opportunities and guarantees the quality of its services.

Thank you for the conversation.